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Our unique and detailled wall decals stickers are fully designed by creative designers with an urban flair  and solely handcrafted by local artisans, all made in USA. What we do at Voilà! stickers - decoration is premium quality, slick wall stickers.
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I love rien, I am Parisien !
Bashing the French is one thing. But French people bashing themselves through decals is even better!     France is very well known for its monuments, the wonderful Eiffel Tower, the famous "Haute Couture" houses, the romantic image that seduced lots of North-American. Everything looks perfect so far… But as you might know, perfection doesn’t exist that is why France have a weakness: the inhabitants! Everybody knows the reputation of French people. It is said that they are rude, stressed, g...
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All of our wall stickers despatched from voilastickers.com (for all customers except Canada) are crafted by hand in Vermont, USA

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Opinion of juilazp about:
Bien mais on sren pas trop comte de ce que cest sur la machine
Opinion of moniuy52 about:
Pour le cout c'est bien vrai! Jaime bien ce collant
Opinion of JoshBink about:
Pretty good looking on my wall. There is good now ...
Opinion of Paul0548 about:
Thanks to VoilaStickers it seems to be real ! Great !
Opinion of emma-loulou about:
ils rendent supr bien et cest plus facile pour ranger. et facile a poser.
Random Models Descriptions
Wall Decals It's 5:01 AM It's 5:01 AM $39.00  

It's 5:01 AM is one of Voila Sticker's most classic wall decals interpretations of the classic trompe l'oeil. The modern, graphic interpretation of an early morning window scene might not fool the eye completely, but it does evoke the feeling.

If you're looking for wall decals to brighten up a large blank wall, or you just want a peel and stick piece of art to facelift your living space, then this removable vinyl wall art scene could be what you need.

Wall Decals London Underground 02 London Underground 02 $19.00  

Big, bold and an instant classic, the London Underground 02 wall stickers from Voila Stickers is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a little splash of wall art decor in their living space.

There's no way you can confuse this particular wall stickers for anything else, so why not add a little international flair and fun to a wall or door in your home. Since you can apply it with a simple peel and stick, and since it's also removable like all our high quality wall decals, you can change and update your wall art any time you like too! You can also choose between 17 colors and 3 different sizes:

Small size: 0'7.9" x 0'7.8" (20cm x 25cm)

Medium size: 1'1.8" x 1'5.7" (35cm x 45cm)

Large size: 1'9.7" x 2'3.6" (55cm x 70cm)

Wall Decals Cult 52 Cult 52 $29.00  

It's the cult American television show that's got the world talking. Now, thanks to our Cult 52 wall decals, it can get your guests talking too. Peel and stick a little modern pop culture on any wall you choose (or anywhere else) to capture a little bit of the magic that's made this show the award winner it is. It's a wall decals that's also pure pop culture wall decals at it's very best.


Wall Decals Quote 03 Quote 03 $1.00  

Choose the Typography 03 customisable wall decals option if you want to get your message across in a font that's simultaneously simple and BOLD.

Share a favorite saying, or crack a joke. The options are endless with this range of wall decals from Voila Stickers, so put your personality on your wall!

Please, know that the text width size displayed on the website might vary slightly from the actual sizes you will receive, the height will be fixed. If you need to have a precise width, please contact us.

Also, please note that the displaying of the text might be in several lines on the website (depending of the lenght you choose), but as you can see by clicking the 4th pictures above the model, you will receive the text on several parts anyway, with a guide for, as an example, apply it in one straight line if you wish to!

Wall Decals Cult 06 Cult 06 $38.00  

Create your own tribute to one of France's favorite and most creative sons with the Cult 06, Brassens inspired wall decals from our Cult range of wall stickers.

If you like your wall decals to reflect true artistic spirit, then this is the perfect musical and literary icon to peel and stick in your home or office.

Wall Decals Pac-Metro Montreal Pac-Metro Montreal $35.00  

Old school Pac-Man, for Montreal metro lines ... and for small and big children.

A new wall decals from Voilà!stickers that you might choose, for its design touch on your office wall, but maybe also to play with your children as the medium size could fit your fridge door. Then with a removable ink pen your children could write the name of the stations and practice their knowledge of the city! (NB: first, make sure to try the pen on your fridge door that you can actually clear it!)